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Buy US Gold Eagles

Every single day, in the shop, we are asked about gold; why is it important, what is the price, is it a good investment?

Gold in general is a great way to invest.

It is a multi-faceted diversification of your wealth.

When you buy gold, you not only save your money, you have a means to transport your wealth overseas, and you protect yourself from the onslaught of inflation.

We are all aware of the human condition of spending what's in your pocket. Unfortunately, with the easy and convenience of credit card purchasing power we forget the monetary aspect of life. Having a holding in bullion, particularly gold, helps to bring you back to earth, it helps you realize that the world around you is on a highway to Heaven knows where, and you get a firm grasp on economics at the Base Root.

When you buy gold you are investing in Hard Assets! This is Key!

Buy physical gold, don't buy stocks in gold, shares in gold, gold bonds (nothing on paper), get the physical. The reason for buying physical is simple; we don't know what to expect from the government and how quickly things could turn around on the economic stability of the US. Tomorrow hyper-inflation may hit our country, how are you going to protect your family, and your home? Hard fact of life is going to be by your physical holdings. Buy Gold!

Gold Eagles are just one of the many options given to mankind to place your investment. That is not what is important. What is important is that you buy Gold that is recognizable, so you are able to liquidate at any point in time anywhere in the world.

Gold Eagles are a US Government Mint Issued Monetary Coin that has a calculated Weight, Purity, and Denomination to Face Value relationship. For instance, a 1/10 oz gold eagle has a $5 face value. You'd be a lunatic for selling it or trading it for $5, nevertheless, it has a US backed value of $5 at all times. This merely gives the coin credibility, which is crucial.

This concept goes all the way through the Coin/Bullion World. Government issued gold coins are the safest easiest way to buy and sell your gold.

The US Gold Eagles come as 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1 oz Pieces.

The obverse of the coin has Lady Liberty in St Gaudens form, and the Reverse has a Flying Eagle. It is a wonderful representation of the American Dream, and we should all strive to collect as many as we can.


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