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Jewelry of Judith Ripka

About Judith Ripka:

Judith Ripka was born in the Bronx in Northern New York of European immigrants. Now she is one of the top jewelry designers in the nation. Judith Ripka went to college in Manhattan and afterwards went to a designing school. She worked under Dawn Mello, who is a huge designer, up there with Michael Kors.

Judith's Jewelry:

Judith Ripka's jewelry Is beautiful and elegant. Pieces can be gaudy or simple. Most of her designs include vintage type designs, rope designs, and/or filigree. Many of Ripka's pieces include different kinds of stones; pearls, topazes, cubic zirconia. There is always a nice balance to how the stones are placed in here jewelry. Cubic zirconia's always add a beautiful accent to either the main stone or the jewelry piece. Her pieces are marked with her name and the content of the material used for the piece. For instance "925" is for sterling silver. "CZ" is intended for the specifying the stones inside are cubic zirconia.

Here are a few incredible and gorgeous pieces we have listed on our website.

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