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Reminiscing about a lovely lady

It was a normal Friday a few years ago. It was the two of us working here, doing our daily duties. A customer came in. It was a homily Italian-esque woman, roughly 50 years old.

She was crying hysterically. I was confused as to what was going on. At first she appeared to be crazy. She was babbling on about something. Finally I realized what was wrong. She told me She just lost the diamond that was in her wedding ring from her husband that recently passed away. It was such a horrible place to be in. I felt absolutely horrible. She lost the diamond in the parking lot right outside our store. She left horrified but determined to put a diamond in it's place. As I was writing her up, she continued to bawl. then she left.

Within five minutes, that tear stained face I saw leave came back glowing and overjoyed. The woman's smile was from ear to ear as she shouted with joy "I found it!" She had found the diamond she lost. I'll never forget how beautiful that moment was, knowing how comforting a sentimental piece can be to someone.

She has been an incredible customer ever since that day, buying beautiful diamond jewelry, getting her rings cleaned and checked here.

Her items she purchased form us are very similar to pieces in our store. For instance, the T & Co. ring we have on our website. Items #PRW100

Until next time,

Penelope Anne

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