Beautiful Antique European piece

Rose-cut Bohemian Pomegranate Red Garnets set in a 4 Leaf Clover pattern. (heart leaf style)

Ring is made of Solid Silver with a Gold Gilded Wash.


Unstamped and Unsigned: Tests like sterling silver, but these pieces made in Eastern Europe are typically 900 Silver instead of 925 sterling.

Most of these Garnet pieces are made in the Czech Republic; That is most definitely where this is from.


Ring shank is 2.5 mm

Ring top is 17 x 17 mm

Ring Weight: 5.5 grams

Finger size: 5-1/4

Excellent pre-owned antique condition!
Almost never worn!

Such a beautiful piece of Jewelry from old Eastern Europe!

European Bohemian Pomegranate ROSE CUT GARNET Gold Gilt 900 Silver