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Exquisite Condition for this Super Rare 3 inch Bronze Medallion!

French Renaissance Medal, France, Louis XVI (1754-1793; King 1774-1791).
Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette,
Bronze Large Medal by Pierre Simon Benjamin Duvivier (1781 Du Vivier F.)

Obv: Long haired bust of the king right, LUDOVICUS XVI FRANC ET NAV REX, (Louis 16th, King of France)
Rev: "MAR. ANTON. AUSTR. FRANCI AE ET NAVARR. REGINA (Bust of Marie Antoinette of Austria Queen of France, wearing ermine robe and pearl necklace, the hair tied in ribbons.

Antique French Medal, has boar's head next to "bronze" on the rim of coin
Weighs 6.133 Troy Ounces; 190.75 grams
Measures: 73 mm in diameter.

Original Sharp Details and Toning!
See pics for full details.

1781 LOUIS XVI France MARIE ANTOINETTE Austria Du VIVIER 3" Bronze Medal

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