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Fun Collectible Spoon Set

Mid 19th Century American Fiddle-back spoons

Made of Solid Silver; 900 Coin Silver

Signed: D. BECKER & CO.  and stamped "[PREMIUM]" and have (Star) "D" (Eagle) Hallmarks


6 inches each in length

The bowls are each approximately 30 mm wide

Weight: 104.8 grams for all 6 spoons


Excellent vintage, antique, pre-owned condition!

4 are monogrammed "M.M.W." 1 is monogrammed "M.W." and 1 is monogrammed "M.E.L."

They have some light denting to the bowls, some light wear to the handles, and some lovely toning all around.

Amazing collectible flatware pieces.

6 Antique 1800's D.BECKER&CO PREMIUM American Fiddle Back Coin Silver Spoons

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